With the implementation of California's Prop. 64 and the Medical and Adult Use of Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), we are leading the effort to implement safe, well-researched cannabis regulations that serve our local community on the coast.


Our Mission

The Coastside Cannabis Coalition seeks to share accurate information and resources about cannabis with our community, in order to empower citizens to engage in informed conversations and advocacy about cannabis regulations, agricultural practices, and safe use.

Our Values

Smart Regulations

The Coalition supports a well-regulated cannabis market that includes research and information based cannabis ordinances drafted to serve our local communities and support our local economies.  The Coalition does not support the illegal and unregulated cannabis market, and understands that over-regulation often leads to a boom in illegal cannabis activities that undermines regulated markets.

Accurate Information

The Coalition strives to be a source of accurate and fact-based information about cannabis for members of our community on all sides of the cannabis conversation, avoiding biased information whenever possible.

Supporting Cannabis Patients

The Coalition is dedicated to supporting medical cannabis patients through access to information on regulations, safe consumption practices, home cultivation, consumer safety regulations, and other relevant topics.

Supporting Local Agriculture

The Coalition is dedicated to preserving and protecting the local agricultural industry on the coastside by supporting engagement in sustainable and regenerative agriculture that includes cannabis.

Environmental Stewardship

The Coalition is dedicated to environmental stewardship and to protecting our precious coastside from irresponsible and environmentally damaging cannabis cultivation practices.

Preventing Youth Access

The Coalition opposes youth access of adult-use cannabis.