Why Should We Regulate Cannabis?

The Coastside Cannabis Coalition supports a local, regulated cannabis industry with common-sense cannabis ordinances drafted to serve and benefit our unique local community, to support our local medical patients in accessing safe cannabis products, and to support our local farmers in accessing economic opportunities in order to keep our jobs, taxes & decision-making local.

We do NOT support increased youth access, environmental disruption, diversion of products outside of regulations, changing the character of our town, or passing regulations that do not support the general benefit of the community. The Coastside Cannabis Coalition is committed to preventing these outcomes through smart, informed ordinances generated through community input that promote a Healthier, Safer, and Stronger Half Moon Bay.

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Senior and adult medical patients suffering from chronic pain and other health conditions will have safe, regulated access to cannabis so they may take advantage of the well-known therapeutic benefits, thereby improving their lives and participation in our community.

Further, peer reviewed medical research published in the Journal of American Medical Association shows that state-regulated cannabis programs reduce opioid overdose deaths by 25% (Bachhuber et al, 2014) and significantly reduce the number of opioid prescriptions written, particularly for seniors (Bradford et al, 2018).

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The absence of local regulation and local taxation invites criminal activity and grows the illicit market, thereby endangering our community and exposing our children to risk. More importantly, as reported by the Washington Post, common-sense community regulations reduce teen use of cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, and heroin.

“Legal Cannabis Entrepreneurs in California Get a Rude Awakening: a Thriving Black Market” (Inc., January 4, 2018)

“Following marijuana legalization, teen drug use is down in Colorado” (Washington Post, December 11, 2017)


Without local regulation and the opportunity for local businesses to control all aspects of the cannabis market, our community will be subject to the whims and market conditions of those around us. Absence of regulation weakens economic opportunities for our citizens and deprives the City of revenue needed to support schools, law enforcement, and other services to improve and protect our community.

We stand with Vice Mayor Harvey Rarback and the concerns of our community about the decline in the local cut-flower industry and the need "to revitalize the agricultural heritage of Half Moon Bay, and [the proposed cannabis nursery ordinance] would be a great way to start.” (San Mateo County Journal, February 27, 2018)

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